Sorry Slower Racers!

It's time for you all to step up your typing. Moving forward, the 0-10 WPM race band does not get to use any nitros, 11-20 can use one, 21-30 can use two, and 31+ can continue using all 3. We will evaluate these thresholds and will most likely adjust them up, requiring even faster for 3 nitros. Finally, the low speed races can stop being so cray cray.

What Else Is Going On?

Umm.. well we're working on Seasons right now, which will be about as epic as all get out. Other than that, I'm spending time pouring sweat in Puerto Rico and Travis has been climbing rocks in The Rockies. Christina is answering everyones questions from the comfort of Los Angeles and Tim spends his days designing new features from various coffee shops around the country (including one feature we've never even talked about that will be out soon).

That's it. Short post! Now go race!!!