I'm on a boat! And you can be too!

Your First Summer Event? Read This!

If you haven't yet participated in a Nitro Type Event, here's how it works. Head to the dealership and buy the Summer Classic car. While racing with this (or any summer event car), you'll earn achievements to unlock new cars, titles, cash, all sorts of goodies!

As a reminder, any summer event car (from any year) will work towards summer achievements, so feel free to use any of them.

Oh and guess what? Every race with a summer car during the event will earn you 50% MORE CASH AND EXPERIENCE! Yea, we know, amazing.

Current Summer Cars

Summer Classic - BUY ME NOW in the dealership

Floaty Blue - EARN ME!


Six Four Plus Three - NEW PLAYERS EARN ME!

And there *just* might be another secret car (or two??) released later this month!

Not your first event?

That's awesome! Veterans unite! You may notice a couple similar achievements as past years, but don't worry you can re-earn almost all the 2016 versions! So prepare to earn more cash, titles, and cars!

Happy racing!