Hey everybody, let's kick the holiday season off right, with the 4th Annual Nitro Type Xmaxx Holiday Event, Brought To You By Nitro Type ™©® 2015 All Rights Reserved Under Penalty of Candy! Sometimes to take a major step forward, you have to completely change directions.

As Usual, The Ground Rules (track rules?)

For all you all who are new to the site (about 3 million of you!), here's how it works. Head to the Dealership, and buy The Rocket Sleigh. Using this classic Xmaxx car, you can hit the track and begin earning exclusive Nitro Type Xmaxx event achievements! Then, as you earn more Xmaxx cars, you can use any of these to continue earning achievements. Redesigned. Reengineered. Re-everythinged.

But Wait, There's More!

Every race you do with an Xmaxx car earns you 50% more cash and experience! Tis the season to be racing! Fa la la la la.. la la la la am i rite? This changes everything. Again.

Kringle 5000

Move over Kringle 4000... Riding on the outside of a rocket wasn't good enough for Santa, so he upgraded to this sweet giant sleigh thing (with heated seats and glove warmers). Unfortunately, it only goes in a straight line... luckily, that's not a problem for you guys & gals. Innovation from edge to cutting edge.

Wrapped Racer

Forget delivery drones, Santa had his elves develop an even cooler delivery method. A present on wheels. It's mini, in a massive way.

Wrapped Racer GT

For those who need their gifts asap (using Kringle Prime), there's the Wrapped Racer GT. I mean, come on... how cool are those pipes?! Completely familiar. Entirely revolutionary.

The Golden Gift

And for all you new Gold Members, we brought back the Golden Gift, as a holiday thank-you! The biggest thing to happen to Nitro Type since Nitro Type.

One more thing...

As usual, you'd better keep your eyes open for new achievements (and cars??, [and hidden achievements???]) we might slip in randomly. Bwahahaha. The only thing we didn't reinvent was the alphabet.

Happy Racing!