Remember that time you guys and gals completed 1 million races in a single week? Well last Friday you crazy, typetastic racers completed 950,000 races! Yes, in one single day. But why not an even 1,000,000? My OCD just isn't happy with that, so I've got a challenge for you.

Race & Earn Cash

If this Friday the 20th, we reach 1,000,000 races in a single day, I will send $1,000,000 to each and every one of you who participate! Ok sort of... You must be at least level 20, and you must race at least 10 times that day. Also, this is Friday on our Pacific Time servers (so our Aussie friends need to adjust accordingly). So almost everyone!

Oh and one more thing... there just *might* be an extra bonus for the top racers of the day ;D

That is... if we reach 1,000,000 races of course! Happy racing!

PS I definitely didn't forget about the bug bounty, rewards will be given out soon™.