Who What Where? Huh??

Ah, times, they are a changing. And we need your help to help us keep up with the times. Um.. did that make sense? Anyhoo, we have been having our Typing.com typing games rewritten from Flash to HTML5, since that's how the wind has been blowing. This is great because Flash is full of security problems, and also mobile platforms and tablets don't often support it. The problem is, this is a HUGE job. We've converted 4/5 games. But we know they're just loaded with bugs.

Test These Things

Here are the games to test:
I know, you're thinking, "testserver.org" what the heck is that?? Well.. it's one of my many many fun domain names! It's.. where I like to test stuff.

How Do I Know It's A Bug?

Well, the real games are available here https://www.typing.com/typinggames so you can play them and see how they're supposed to work.

But How Do I Bug Test?

Just play the games and tell us in this news post's comments if there are problems!!!

What's In It For Me??

Wow... we thought you'd want to do it just to support us!?! But... if you insist.. we will *try* to reward bug finders with cash, AND for those truly stand-out (as well as outstanding) bug finders, I think a custom title will be in order :)

We need you testers. You are our only hope!