Ahh... it's that time of the year again. Swimming pools, BBQs, fast cars, and wasting nitros!

First Timers - Read This!

If you're new to the site (as in, less than one year) then here's how this works! Head to the dealership and buy the Summer Classic, for only $10,000. Use this car and start racing! As you race, earn brand new achievements! Tons of cash, new titles, and of course new cars!

Once you earn a new summer car, feel free to use that! But remember, to earn the summer event benefits, you must be using a summer car (either from this event or ones in the past).

Summer Cars

Summer Classic - BUY ME NOW in the dealership

Six Four - EARN ME!


?????? hehehehehe ????

Took Part in Past Years?

You guys are awesome! You may notice some similarities between this event and last year. This is intentional! We liked the balance we hit last year. However, unlike previous years, most of the achievements can be re-earned! So that means a lot more cash and new titles!

What Else??

As always... 50% MORE CASH AND EXPERIENCE FOR EVERY RACE!!!! Don't forget to use a Summer Car!!

Go get em, racers!