Nitro Type is being rewritten!

Many of you know this, many of you do not. We are rewriting Nitro Type, making it easier for us to add neat features like mobile support, team improvements, car skins, etc. We've been working on this for a long time, and it's nearing completion.

New Sites Have Bugs!

Any new software versions have bugs. We rely on you, our faithful racer, to help us find problems. The sooner we find all the problems, the sooner we are done, and can roll out new features!

How You Can Help!

Instead of going to, go to Do everything there. It's mostly the same. You log in the same, have all your money, earn money the same, etc. So play around, see some new stuff, and let us know if there are any problems!

Right at the top of the test site you will see a little bar linking to the bug reporting page (after you've logged in). Use that and tell us any problems you find!

But... I don't want to...

On the test site you earn an extra $1,000 per race!!! That's a good deal right there!


Update: The test site is now the live site!

Update 2: We are aware that some of you are getting black screens/communication errors and are working on fixing this. Keep checking back for updates.

Update 3: The load was too much for the new race server. :( Old site is back up. We are evaluating our options.