Ok racers and testers, the test site's track and race server is *almost* feature complete, but good enough that I need tons of testers. Really, the entire test site is at a state where serious testing is needed. There are just a few missing features.

Known Missing Features

- Guest racers always race at the same speed track range.
- No daily rewards (see below).
- Friend Race chat
- Friendly popups for new members in garage, dealership, race.

Extra Money for All Races

To sweeten the testing deal, all races on the test site earn you an extra $1000! Snap!!

Upcoming Changes

When the new site is live, there are two major changes happening.

1) Gold Members will no longer get discounts on cars or paint jobs. Instead, you will earn 20% more cash! We think this is more exciting, because everyone loves cash! And best of all, right now, on the test site, gold members can earn 20% more cash for every race. And on the regular www site, you can get your discounts! So... double whammy! But keep it in mind, so if you want to take advantage of the discounts, do so before the new site is up... which I have no idea when that will be so don't ask.

2) We are replacing the Daily Rewards/Mystery Box system. Instead, we will have a completely new Daily Rewards system that resets every 24 hours, and does not punish you for missing a day. Every day is a surprise.. it's almost like a mystery box every day! Except there will be no more achievements for mystery boxes of course. Those of you working towards those achievements.. sorry! We are always changing the game as we see best for everyone, and this is one of those things. The Zonday will be achievable in some other way.

Go Test!

Please go test the test site like mad, and let us know any problems you run into in the comments. Please be VERY specific about what happened, where, how it happened, how we can reproduce if possible, and what browser and/or device/operating system you are using.

Bug Bounty

For those of you participating in the bug bounty from a few news posts back, we will continue to attempt to keep this updated, however with the volume of comments these posts get its VERY time consuming, and we really need to focus our time on programming and bug fixing and features.. We'll do our best!

Test Site: http://test.nitrotype.com