We need everyone to once again test the track. I have rewritten the entire thing... again... There were a lot of performance problems reported. Basically only super powerful computers were able to run it smoothly, so I rewrote it using a faster, more bleeding-edge technology.

What Should I Do?

Well, head on back to http://test.nitrotype.com/ and test out the race track. Remember, THIS IS NOT A REAL RACE. I got it - nitros don't work. I got it - the race finishes on its own. That's because IT IS NOT A REAL RACE. But what I want to know is how well it runs. Are there problems? Is it smooth? What's the FPS (frames per second?) I am hoping most people have around 60.

I Want Nerdy Technical Info!

Ok ok. The first version (the one you all race on here) was written by Travis in Flash. Well, flash just isn't cool anymore, and mobile devices don't really support it, so I rewrote it in Canvas. You all tested it, and it was... pretty ok. But a lot of devices were super slow. So, now I've rewritten it in WebGL. Now, WegGL is not 100% supported, so if you are running Internet Explorer 10 or iOS 7 or random other browsers, you will get a slower experience. It will still work, but not as smooth. If you are on a computer, why are you using Internet Explorer anyways??? I mean come on, it's 2014. Get Google Chrome or something!

Happy Testing! And Happy Halloween!!