We have some track experiments we need tested. Here is the first one!

What We Need From You

Simple! Go to http://www.nitrotype.com/test and... do nothing! Just look. How is the performance? How smooth? Now, go to it on your smartphone and tablet. How is it there? Now let us know in the comments! But tell us what your setup is.. Laptop? Desktop? Phone? Tablet? Smart refrigerator?? What operating system (window, mac, linux)? What version? What browser (chrome, firefox, IE, etc)? What version of the browser? The more detailed, the better. And how is it compared to when you actually race on Nitro Type? Better? Worse? And be sure to let us know what the Frames Per Second becomes after a few seconds.


Yes, I know it looks a lot like the old track - that's the point. But it's different. It is NOT written in Flash. So it can run on anything. This is huge. Soon, you will be able to race from any device, anywhere, at any time. No more being bound to a computer with a keyboard. And this also lays the groundwork for the actual Mobile and Tablet apps.

But first thing's first. We want to know how the performance is.

Happy Testing!