Baby got class! So, school is back, and here at FTW Innovations headquarters, we could not be happier! Bring on the typing!!

Nitro Type Gold: 30% off sale!

Until September 15th, we will be offering Nitro Type gold at a 30% discount ($6.99), which is great for all those teachers out there wanting to upgrade their classes full of nitroers. Get it while it lasts!

Gold Membership + $2,000,000 Cash - ONLY $6.99

Gold Membership + $7,000,000 Cash - ONLY $10.49

Gold Membership + $14,000,000 Cash - ONLY $13.99!!!

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Summer Event is Over

Well, that's that! Why did summer feel so short this year??

Testing Site

In regards to the last news post about the testing website, that has been shut down for now. We are working on the track and friend notifications stuff, and once that's ready we'll put it back up for more testing, and will continue the bug hunt (it's just paused for now). Nice work, all you that helped out!

Upcoming Change: Team Limits

Very soon we will be reducing the maximum team member size from 200 to 50. For those teams over 50, we will automatically remove members who do not log into Nitro Type for two weeks, until the team gets down to proper size. I would suggest that those of you with active large teams start eliminating inactive members now, to avoid automatic elimination of important team members. We know that those big teams won't like this, but unfortunately 200 members just doesn't make sense, and will not allow us to have proper team competition features in the future. As you guys know, teams are a work in progress, so... sorry!

Happy typing everyone!