We have completely rewritten Nitro Type's code from scratch. This was a massive job, and Travis and I worked like men possessed to complete it... And yet it's still not done. There are bugs, and various parts are still not written (the race system, friend notifications, etc).


The Nitro Type code was old and inflexible. We have added so many features over the years that it was becoming too hard to work with. Now we can much more quickly and easily add new features. And even more exciting, the rewrite was necessary to pave the way for Nitro Type Mobile. That's right, race from your phone or tablet.... soon!


Right now! Go to http://test.nitrotype.com/ and mess around. But keep in mind, this is a live copy of Nitro Type. Anything you do there to your account is actually happening. This is NOT test data.


I just said... http://test.nitrotype.com/... sheesh. You ask a lot of questions...


Use the site like crazy. Try different stuff. There are lots of little secret new features all over the place. But for the most part, things are not hugely different. The key is that once live, this allows us to do the much larger features we have been planning for a long time.


Everyone! We like to release new things to Gold Members first sometimes, but we seriously need all hands on deck here.

What's In It For Me?

Ahh.. excellent question. The first person to report each specific bug will receive $50,000 (after this is over - not immediately). The more bugs you report (first), the more you earn! And the top few bug reporters will get a custom title.. Something like "Exterminator" or "Bug Squisher" or something... I'll decide later.

How Do I Report Bugs?

As a comment to this news post. Be detailed. What page exactly? How do we reproduce it? What browser and version are you using? The more detailed you are, the more likely we are to understand it, find it, etc. If we don't understand it, or you don't give us enough details, and someone else reports it, THEY will get credit for the bug.

Also, all comments that are not related to bug reporting will be deleted. Only post bug reports and/or clarifications to bug reports. The previous News post will remain open for commenting.

Happy Hunting!

Bug Bounty Scores

PlayerBug Count
[DFT] ᘎⓝᔕᕈ◎ᖇ☂ƴ 7
[NTS]Samsher 6
[GO]✮Tachyon✮ 6
[NTS]★Genesect13★ 4
[SBD]Ⓡⓐⓣ77 4
[HYP]Orbitron 3
[PONY]Badly_Drawn_Turtle 3
[NTF]Nightmare 3
[NTDT]ɣ■ԎĦԐɱẴ€ɧﺬӢᶓ■ɣ 2
[NTS]DaXtremeRacer 2
[DOTA]Hetalia_Britain 1
[ENT]ℬenℬoy➳₪ 2
[SWF]♛$$$lovelife$$$♛ 2
[HTC]The❆Ironic❆Summer 1
[HTC]TooMuchJoy 1
[HYP]MusîcalPro 1
[NTF]ℛoberto 1
[NTS]★ℒa★ℛapidité★ 1
[NTS]☣AwesomeNinja☣ 1
[WLT]♣Ⓜþh♦3ØØ♣ 1
☻Maynard✞ 1
☼♦♣★Yoshi★♣♦☼ 1
bmineer 1
Craig131 1
MidnightHauler 1
Tauriel❤LOTR 1

Bug Log

Description Found By Status
Friends are always OFFLINE N/A COMING SOON
Do not receive real-time notifications N/A COMING SOON
No daily rewards N/A COMING SOON
Scoreboard has no Stats Tab N/A FEATURE REMOVED
Facebook/Twitter/G+ icons removed N/A FEATURE REMOVED
Homepage does not cycle images N/A FEATURE REMOVED
Testimonials page missing N/A FEATURE REMOVED
Buying/Selling nitros is in packs of 10 N/A NOT A BUG
Scoreboard numbers are not exact (caching) EscapeArtist NOT A BUG
Achievements do not show total people who have completed it [SBD]Ⓡⓐⓣ77 FEATURE REMOVED
The Mini Sherman has some weird green glow or lining on the corner of the turret and on the sides of its barrel. [NTF]Nightmare NOT A BUG
long names cut off with ... Many People NOT A BUG
Stats last 30 races/ full race log/ race popup has no popup for each racer [NTFS]JESUS☃ROCKS!我是耶穌畸形人 FEATURE REMOVED
Outtie R11 has weird looking second seat [NTS]★Genesect13★ NOT A BUG
driver in the MP427 seem proportioned smaller than the other drivers MidnightHauler NOT A BUG
Images are not showing on some old news posts, (haven't checked thoroughly) http://i.imgur.com/GKwTAbP.png [NTS]Samsher NOT A BUG
no average acc in daily/monthly stats on pop up [NTS]DaXtremeRacer FEATURE REMOVED
Scrolling over a race in the stats that's close to the edge of the graph makes the results appear to go behind the edge of the graph. [HYP]Orbitron NOT A BUG
fort gt40 is supposed to be red in the dealership and now it is orange. [DFT]cjw NOT A BUG
When I hit "Accept All" team applications, the list of applicants remains in place until I refresh the page. [WB]Wonderbolts☇Captain NOT A BUG
cars in garage on normal site were all rearranged compared to test site MidnightHauler NOT A BUG
weird way to duplicate cars in the garage by right and left clicking [DFT]cjw NOT A BUG
Fort GT40 has two gas caps on the front side [CTK]DUCK_DYNASTY!!! NOT A BUG
when you click "Update Friend Settings", it brings you to your profile settings at the top of the page. On the normal nitro type, it brings you to your profile settings, but directly to your Friend's List settings. [GO]✮Tachyon✮ FEATURE REMOVED
last three achievements not visible on profile Many People FEATURE REMOVED
In the stats page, the graph for your last thirty races does not have a labelled x and y axis. [LIT]KingSummer FEATURE REMOVED
Team requirements in wrong place [CTK]knight_racer NEED SCREENSHOT
cars lined up on one side of page [DFT] ᘎⓝᔕᕈ◎ᖇ☂ƴ NEED SCREENSHOT
achivememnts have lines thru them [DFT] ᘎⓝᔕᕈ◎ᖇ☂ƴ NEED SCREENSHOT
Blurry cars in garage [HTC]The❆Ironic❆Summer
Laggy scrolling in Linux/Chrome Craig131