Two new cars! Can you get them? Some of you already did!

Sun Buggie

This little beauty really stands out on the track, and takes a great paint job. Complete 800 races with any summer car and she's yours!

Hammer Wheels

Ah yeah... a hammer head shark car. Come on how cool is this!! Use 2,000 nitros with summer cars and you're going to be hitting the track like nobody else!

Teams Talk

So, now while you all had a fantastic time repping your teams like crazy, I'd like to begin toning it down. I'm not going to strongly enforce this on this particular News post, but as we progress we need to get back on topic a little bit. We will probably build a section somewhere in Teams specifically for Team talk, but that might be a bit away. Still working this out..

Well, happy summer and happy racing everyone! Except to team TP and all our southern hemisphere folks, happy winter and happy racing!