Teams! It's Happening!! You've all waited and waited and waited, and it's finally here!

What Is a Team?

Teams are a way to join up with your fellow racers and compete together as a team. Your name gets a fancy colored Team Tag, and your team starts immediately competing on the Teams Scoreboard tab. In the future, depending on the popularity of teams, we will roll out more awesome features!

Who Can Create Teams?

For the next week, while we are working out the final bugs, only Gold Members can create teams. The cost is $5,000,000 and you must be at least level 50. When creating a team you can set join requirements such as minimum level and speed.

How Do I Join a Team?

You can either go directly to a team's page (check out FTW's team page), or you can go to the team overview page and view some random teams you are eligible to join. In the near future we will add a Team Search feature that will make this much easier. Also, you can sometimes click a racer's Team Tag to be taken to their team page. When applying to a team, you will not be accepted until the team leader accepts you.

Can I Talk About Teams in the News?

Well, since it's on topic, you can go ahead and recruit for your team once per 100 comments here in THIS news article. On any other news article, you still cannot recruit for your team! You might make a special Teams Recruitment page in the future, where everyone can just discuss teams.

Bugs Bugs Bugs

While we have spent a lot of time testing (thanks [FTW]Kristen!), I'm sure you guys will find plenty of bugs. This was a HUGE amount of work, and more work means more complexity means more bugs. Please report any probems you find to us, and you may even get a little cash injection as a thank you ;)

Existing Clans

There are a few well known existing "clans" out there such as SBD, TP, and others. Only the actual clan leaders should purchase these teams. If somebody else does, then I will hand the team over to the proper owner. Please let us know if this happens and we will fix.

Well go out there and have some team fun!