We were all on the edge of our seats waiting.. waiting.. when was Lacan going to break 50,000 races!? Well he just did! And what did he get for it?

The Lacan Hypersport!!!

How hot is this car??? Nice job Lacan! And with a $17,000,000 price tag, he'll be making a nice chunk of change if he decides to sell it... as if he needs to!

What About Everything Else?


Teams are about 70% complete. We are *hoping* for a Tuesday launch. But next week for sure! (we hope...)

New Summer Achievements

We have two sweeeeet new cars ready to rock... We just have to figure out what you all need to do to earn them. We are thinking about releasing one next week.

Next week should be quite a week! So those of you who are getting out of school, don't forget to keep checking back to Nitro Type! These cars are only around for a limited time!!