It's here... the Ferreti Samsher 458. It's HOT! And a steal at only $12,000,000. ;D

Congratulations again to @Samsher for winning the grand prize during our first ever custom car drawing. His custom car was the Ferrari 458 Italia, a most beautiful car! Oddly enough, the same day @Samsher chose his car, I had the pleasure of having one stop by my house. A neighbor's son's girlfriend's dad just happens to own one... white and everything, although his is convertible while Samsher wanted a coupe. I pulled out Corndog's Car behind and snapped some shots for everyone.

Of course, that was just a Ferrari.. THIS is a custom Ferreti Samsher! Only one in the world... for now. In a few weeks we will be releasing this stunning machine to everyone for $12,000,000. Told you it would be expensive!

Now @Samsher, get out there and race!

NOTE: If you saw the car in @Samsher's garage before reading this News post, clear your browser cache. I just put a newer, crisper version live.