We know how much you all love showing off those sweet cars... How about if you could show off your entire garage? Well, now you can!

New Garage!

Nitro Typers have simply become too rich... Like Jay Leno, you guys have a warehouse full of cars. So we figured you might want to arrange them in your own way. Want expensive cars first? Cool! Blue cars and then red? Go for it! Your hottest car right at the top, and cheaper ones at the bottom? Knock yourself out!

And because we also want to begin improving how your racing stats display without crowding the Garage, we have broken up Garage and Stats into their own pages.

And if you guys enjoy this feature, we will begin expanding on it. New backgrounds, purchasable furniture and decorations, animations, etc etc. The sky is the limit! It's all about showing off your personal Nitro Style.