Corndog is going away again... leaving the country for over a month. Visiting 7 different countries, including 4 he's never been to. So what does that mean to you?

Nitro Type's First Drawing

It means that in my absence, you all have a chance for something amazing. Something almost impossible to achieve. You can be a part of our first drawing. Ok maybe it's our second drawing, if you count the Facebook thing. Whatever.

How To Enter

  • Race. Race. Race.
  • Saturday January 25th is the start date.
  • Every race you complete from that day forward will be one "ticket". The more you race, the more chances you have to win.
  • The drawing ends when I get back somewhere around early March.
  • FTW will randomly pick winners at that time, which will be announced on a new News article.
  • You must complete at least 200 races within that period to qualify.
  • Only members who joined Nitro Type before the drawing start date will qualify.

50 Winners

  • 50 randomly chosen players get $1,000,000.
  • Of those 50, 10 will also receive Gold membership. If a winner is already Gold, they will instead receive $5,000,000.
  • Of those 10, 5 will receive a custom title that will never otherwise be achievable.
  • Of those 5, one will choose a new car to be designed and named after him/her.

Grand Prize: Custom Car

Your own car, chosen by you, named after you. Whatever type of car you want, we will have the designer build. And FTW will base the car's name on your Display Name. You will have this car exclusively for two weeks, at which point it will be placed into the dealership - and it will be expensive!

2nd Prize: Custom Title

A custom title, chosen by FTW, that will never be otherwise achievable.

3rd Prize: Gold Membership

Nitro Type Gold is awesome. A lucky 10 players will receive the $9.99 Gold membership for free, or receive $5,000,000 if they already have it.

4th Prize: $1,000,000

A lucky 50 players will receive an instant deposit of $1,000,000!

How To Collect the Grand Prize

We will announce the winner via a new News article, and also contact the winner via your email on file. If we do not hear from you for 3 days for that prize, a new winner will be chosen. So make sure you either check the News daily, and/or have an active email in your account!!

What Else Will Be Happening?

Well, I'm going to be traveling, but Travis just might have some new cars to release while I'm gone.. just maybe. We'll have to see!

Happy Typing!