Ho Ho Ho Again! Meeeeeerry Christmas! And Happy Hanukkah! Also, Seasons Greetings of course! ;D Achievements and rewards for all the boys and girls!

The Nitro Type XMaxx Holiday 2013 Event has begun! It's time to get into the spirit with our frosty holiday track with festive racing music.

To get started, you need a holiday car. This year, we are re-releasing the Rocket Sleigh. For those of you who have it already, use it! Or use the Party Sleigh (also re-released), or the Tree or Shadow Tree (neither of which will ever be re-released ever).

Are all you boys and girls looking for gifts? Have you been naughty? Nice? At Nitro Type we don't judge! We just race. And racing is what you need to do to earn ridiculous cash prizes, brand new cars, and silly new titles.

And just to keep things interesting... as we get closer to the new year we just might toss in some extras.. maybe new cars? Dunno. Maybe hidden achievements?!? Who can say?! Or will the ol' 50% bonuses appear?!?!?!?!?! Ya most likely. But maybe not!!!!

Go Buy This Car and Start Racing!

Once you buy this car, you can start earning the holiday achievements!

Have at it racers!