There are so many things going on that I figured it was time for an update. There are big things, small things, red things, blue things. All kinds of things. Some I won't tell you. Some I will! So let's get started!

Limited Time Pumpkin Hauler!

You have until November 1st to purchase this exclusive Halloween vehicle! It's not cheap at $1.5 million (less for Gold Members of course), but what better way to show off your elite Nitro Type status than with something so exclusive??

Skins Are Nearing Completion

Cory has been busting his hump getting car skins ready, and dang are they looking sweet. Here are a few previews:

There will be skins for just about every vehicle, even achievement cars. You will be able to earn them free by leveling up cars (racing a certain number of races with each car) or buy them outright, but they'll be pricey! And there will be crazier and more exclusive skins as time goes on for each car. I just can't wait to release this stuff!

Who's This Guy??

Get ready to see someone new on the track soon... If you do, you definitely want to beat him!

Real Time Friend Request Notifications

A few days ago we rolled out real-time notifications when players request and accept friend requests. Everyone loves friend requests, so now you can see and accept them as they happen!

Corndog Is Going Away Again

This time I am heading off to Europe for two weeks. Not so bad as last time when I was gone for 2 months, but don't expect much out of me for at least the next 2 weeks!

And So Much More...

Beyond this we have so many more things planned and almost ready to go... Maybe I'll give some hints eventually. Until then, enjoy! And as the former F4U-Corsair would say, See you on the track!