Ahh... I remember summer... running around, playing games, hurting myself, sleeping in late. But all things must come to an end. Now it's time for students to learn stuff, and teachers to teach stuff. At FTW Innovations, we provide the tools for both.

Coming Soon: Nitro Type Teacher Portal

This is going to be fantastic. We are in the process of developing a Teacher Portal system for Nitro Type. Teachers will soon have the ability to create, update, and monitor all their students and classes from one central interface - FREE!

Want to learn more? Check out TypingWeb's Teacher Portal.

Gold Memberships

Over the summer we added Gold Memberships to Nitro Type. This allows you to upgrade an account FOR LIFE, for a single flat cost. Want to upgrade many students? Or need to pay by PO? Contact us and we can work out a bulk discount.

Removing ads helps reduce distractions, reduce bandwidth, and helps support Nitro Type! Everyone wins! Learn more about Gold Memberships

Amazing Typing Improvement

Improving your typing is hard and repetitive. Just like hitting the gym and getting massive biceps (like mine), it requires consistent repetition which is often difficult to maintain.

Nitro Type is unlike any other typing product out there. By combining typing with real time competition and gaming, we have seen improvements that have blown our minds.

Actually, I would like you all to post your improvement in the comments below. Click here to view your progress by month.

Always Keeping Things Fresh

And of course, we are always coming out with new features, cars, achievements, events, etc. Our goal is to keep things as fresh and fun as possible, so everyone keeps working those fingers, squeezing the most improvement out of them as possible!

TypingWeb - Structured Learning

Be sure to check out our sister site TypingWeb.com, the most popular typing tutor in the world.

FunToType - More Games??

Another sister site FunToType.com keeps typing fun in a whole different way. Check it out!