The Summer Event has ended! Hope you all had fun!

The 2013 Summer Event has begun! New cars, new music, new achievements, and 50% more cash and experience for every race!

'13 Summer Classic - $10,000! Go buy it!

To get started, head to the dealership and purchase the '13 Summer Classic, your first new Summer Event car for only $10,000. Then, race race race! To get the Summer Event achievements and cash/experience bonuses you must be using one of the summer event cars, so be sure to use the '13 Summer Classic or other summer cars the entire time.

The Hang Ten - Check the Achievements page!

And although the actual season of Summer goes all the way until September 21st, this event will not. You only have until the end of July before the event ends!

'41 Woodie Deluxx - Check the Achievements page!

And just to keep things interesting, I'll be adding new achievements randomly throughout the event, and watch out for achievements like "BBQs Every Day", which end on a specific day... That's right, you can only earn that Summer car if you complete the achievement by the expiration! After that, a new version of the car will be added. Can you collect all of them?? You'd better keep at it! Check the Achievements page for more info.

The Hang Eleven - Check the Achievements page!

And for those of you down in the Southern Hemisphere enjoying your cozy winter months... Please don't take offense (I'm looking at you CarriePirc). It's just that 88% of us humans live up north. ;D

Happy Summer typing everyone!