Your fearless leader, [FTW]TheCorndog (that's me!) is leaving tomorrow for a very long trip on the other side of the world... And since I know how much you'll all miss me, I decided to leave you a few parting gifts..

Gifts you have to pay for!

This time around I'm just releasing 3 new vehicles - a SWEET Lamborghotti and two RADICAL motorcycles. These are the first motorcycles to hit Nitro Type (but not the last??), so hopefully they look good on the track.

Also, just because I love all my typists so much, and because I know sometimes you become frustrated and just want to blow up my whole website... Well now you can. At any point, type "destroynitrotype" into your keyboard, and have at it. Control your little destructor with the arrow keys and the Space Bar to shoot. What's the purpose, you ask? Nothing! Except complete annihilation of everything!

I hope you all enjoy, and I will check in on the blogs and forum occasionally (and maybe post some pics from my travels!), and my trusty staff and excellent moderators will be keeping everyone in check as always.

So long!

Edit: Also, I just went ahead and added "All Time" to the Site Stats in the scoreboard so you all can see as we grow. Remember, tell all your friends! Help Nitro Type take over the internet!