At Nitro Type, we obviously love a little friendly competition... so it's about time our champions strutted their stuff.

Moving forward, our Top 3 champions from each scoreboard group (3 people in 8 different scoreboards) will shine like never before. For every Top 3 champion, while they maintain their place, a beautiful badge will follow them everywhere they go. News comments, player profile, garage, race results popup.

The best part is that ANYONE can be top 3. Are you a fast typists? Go for the Last 24 Hour Fastest Typist slot. Aren't that fast but have a little free time? Show the world who's boss by being a Top 3 Last 24 Hours Most Active typist!

And eventually we might roll out some extra benefits for being on top... Extra race rewards, a temporary Champion car, achievements... who knows.

We are the champions. And we keep on WINNING 'till the end.