Australia is known for a lot of great things... Christmas in the summer time, boxing kangaroos, Crocodile Dundee... But here at FTW Innovations headquarters, one thing definitely tops our list - [TP]CarriePirc.

You all know Carrie and her entire clan's worth of alternate accounts... She dominates the scoreboards, smashing everyone like Vegemite on toast, yet always has a kind word for the crazies in the News section.

Carrie, in appreciation of your truly mind boggling love of our fine typing website, and your stunning accomplishment of completing 20,000 races, we have created a brand new car and achievement just for you (view it under King of the Race). And of course, for anyone else who dreams to be a Pirc themselves. Looking forward to seeing your account armed with this new sweet ride.

So everyone, please give a round of applause to [TP]CarriePirc and her many alt accounts!