We're excited to announce two new features - comment voting and the official Nitro Type forums!

Comment Voting

The News section's comments are very popular, and we think we need to start rewarding (not literally rewarding) you loyal Nitro Type users for your insightful and helpful posts. Moving forward, logged in users level 8 and above are able to vote comments up or down. Eventually we may even bury comments with very low votes, or highlight comments with very high votes.

Official Nitro Type Forums

The Nitro Type community is vibrant and expansive, and we know you want to discuss all things Nitro Type & typing related. So we're excited to officially announce the Nitro Type Forums at www.nitrotypeforums.com!

Now, since we have forums in place, please keep all off-topic discussions (such as clan discussions and clan wars) off the News section. Moving forward we will aggressively delete and warn users who do not follow this policy.

Remember, be respectful and keep discussions appropriate for all ages... Or we will ban you!

Teachers & School Administrators - READ THIS

We realize that a forum is not necessarily appropriate or allowed in your classroom. That's why we've made the forums on their own separate website "nitrotypeforums.com". This will allow you to easily block this website from your classroom while still allowing nitrotype.com.