The Nitro Type Admins ([FTW]Corndog, [FTW]KristenSmith, and [FTW]Travis) are very excited to announce our latest feature: Friends List!

With your shiney new Friends page you can invite other racers to be your friends, track their racing progress, and even see when they are online and exactly what they are doing! OOhhh.. stalkery!

And on top of that, when you race with your friends you now have a canned-response chat system to help you communicate. Please let us know what sort of predefined responses you would like to see in that chat window.

Now, this is just the first version of the Friends List - we have many excited new features planned like real-time race invites to online friends, clans, and possibly limited messaging/inbox support.

For those of you who aren't interested in getting friends requests, or you are getting too many, head into your My Profile page and disable friends requests.

So everyone, please let us know what you think, as well as things to improve, including what predefined messages you would like to have in the friend's race chat.


Note: Please read the above blog in full before commenting.

Update: I have added tons of new chats responses to the chat system. Special big thanks to player Elisse✦ for taking the time to compile most of the new chats for me.