Ho Ho Ho! Meeeeeerry Christmas! And Happy Hanukkah! Also, Seasons Greetings of course! ;D Achievements and rewards for all the boys and girls!

The Nitro Type XMaxx 2012 Holiday Update has arrived! To get you in the spirit we have created a wintery wonderland track complete with reindeer, snowmen, and smooth jazzy Christmas songs.

And gifts?? 16 brand spanking new achievements, each with fantastic rewards, but only if you've been good!

To get started, head to the Dealership and pick up your shiny new Rocket Sleigh car. Achievements can only be earned while using a Holiday vehicle, which also enables the new track and music.

Oh.... And we may have added quite a few Hidden Achievements... Some of which might have even more Holiday cars... Hint hint: When you think you've completed a set of achievements - don't stop.

You have until 2013. Happy Racing!

Update: As of today (Dec 20th), all races now earn 50% more experience and money until January 1st when the Holiday event ends. You'd better hit the track like mad!