As many of you probably already know, we have an epic Nitro Typer named F4U-Corsair who has completed over 10,000 races! What you may not know is that an F4U Corsair (learn more at Wikipedia) is a beautiful World War II fighter-bomber plane - one of the most formidable in the U.S. military at the time.

Well, to celebrate our first racer to hit 10,000 races, we have made him his very own F4U Corsair car (first car below)! And best of all, anyone can get it because it's a brand new achievement for completing 10,000 races. Congratulations on your achievement!

But that's not all. We have found a new designer to start building amazing new cars. We have 20 cars being worked on, and here is just a little preview to get you excited. We will be releasing the new cars over time through the Dealership and through new Achievements.

So everyone, please give your congrats to F4U-Corsair! That is quite an impressive accomplishment!

This is just a tiny early preview of some of the new cars to come!

Update: Added R8 to the car previews!