You may have noticed a new feature - little "Report Player" links after a race next to players, in player profiles, and next to blog comments.

At Nitro Type, we take offensive Display Names and offensive, insulting, or hurtful blog comments very serious. For minor offensive, we will give out a single warning. For major offenses, we will permanently ban your account.

Before today, only us Nitro Type Admins could moderate offensive behavior, but from now on we are looking forward to all our loyal Nitro Type users to help us toss out the few bad apples, and make Nitro Type a more enjoyable place for everyone!

Note that once you report someone, it will notify the Nitro Type Admins and may take a day or so to get someone removed. And be sure you don't abuse this feature, and report people who have done nothing wrong!!

Let us know what you think, and if you have any problems.

Happy Racing!!

P.S. Get ready for an upcoming blog post describing our next major feature - Friends Lists and real-time in-game Friend Race invites. ;)