Invite a friend and you both earn $50,000. Invite another friend and again, $50,000. You also earn sweet achievement titles and super exclusive cars like the Hotdog Mobile and the 8 Bit Racer.

Every Friend You Invite: You BOTH get $50,000

Friends just need to sign up and complete at least 20 races before you earn your reward.

Invite 10 Friends: Win the Hotdog Mobile!

Invite 25 Friends: Win the 8 Bit Racer!

How Do You Invite Friends?

It couldn’t be easier. In your Garage is a big “Invite Now” button. Click that and get your custom invite-link. Every single friend who signs up after visiting your link will start with $50,000, and once he/she completes 20 races you instantly earn $50,000 as well.

How great is that! Tell the world about Nitro Type!