We've just pushed through a bunch of new features. Hope you all enjoy!

Racing With Friends

We have completely redone the friends-racing feature (previously known as Private Race). Now, when you start a race with friends, you will still earn money, experience, nitros, etc. Bots and other racers will automatically join once the race starts. NOTE: The race chat has been removed for the time being. We will add it back in the future. And yes, we know you want friends lists and automatic notifications, and we will add that in a future update.

Car Painting

Finally here! Paint those cars in crazy colors! The more expensive the car, the more expensive the paint job. Enjoy! And for now, only users of the test site will see your new fancy car.

New Tracks

We have created 3 new race tracks to keep things fresh. If you enjoy this, we will create lots more, including special tracks for holidays and other events.

Nitro Animations

You can now see when you and others use nitros. Sweet!

Bug Fixes

We have fixed a lot of annoying little bugs all over the place. We hope your racing and earning is better than ever.

Let Us Know What You Think!

Are you enjoying the features? Let us know!

Happy Racing!
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