News Comments Update

As of today, a Nitro Type Gold Membership is required to leave comments on the news. Nitro Type is, first and foremost, an educational website, and over the years the news has grown to live just a bit outside of that vision. Although we have many admins and moderators to keep the news clean and safe, Nitro Type's popularity has outpaced what we can handle, and greatly changed the focus of the news page. When we first launched the news section (previously called the Blog), our plan was simple: update the community on new features, events, etc., but all things change at scale!

Now that Nitro Type has grown to become a household name with millions of races being completed every single day, keeping the news comments safe and education friendly is increasingly important to us, and so to help continue with our focus on education, we've decided on this change. But hey, we've got some fun news for non-gold members too!

Introducing the Lamborgotti Tiesto!

We've got a new beautiful ride available in The Dealership… right now! The Wampus has been working with a new import car supplier in preparation for our new season achievements, and decided to release the first car directly to everyone! For $1,350,000, with a level requirement of 35, the Lamborgotti Tiesto is sure to be the envy of all your friends and fellow racers.

Happy Typing!