[Another Guest Post by @asssa123]

After countless comments asking “where is V3?”, “why is there no news post?”, “are the developers currently in a 30 month hibernation?”, we are finally here to deliver an update!

Nitro Type v3 Alpha Screenshots

Nitro Type V2 has been around just as long as I've been playing Nitro Type, nearly 4 years! With V3’s gold-members-only-alpha approaching quickly, the developers have worked countless days, nights, weekends and holidays; not being able to see their families until the Wampus is satisfied with their work… okay that last part was a joke kinda.

The alpha test, coming in the next few weeks will include the garage, the dealership, and authentication (logging in). Why so few pages? Because the biggest change to Nitro Type v3 is the underlying technology upgrade that will be allowing the development team to continually push out new features and updates. Although anybody will be able to poke around the site, only gold members will be able to log in for now. Future alpha/beta releases will be available to everyone.

A Deeper Look






Soon™ ;).

In actuality, we are aiming for the alpha to release in early March for Gold Members, stay tuned hehe.