Did I scare you racers!? I should have because I’m wearing a monstrous Wampus brand monster mask. Oh, you can’t see it? That’s because it looks exactly like a comment asking for gold.


You know what else is perfectly hidden? The spooky skeleton in your house. You want to know where it is?


Phew, that was a scary story wasn’t it? It had skeletons, bannable comments, a Wampus product plug… all the ingredients for a perfectly petrifying Halloween tale! But I have one more treat for you... a short NT v3 Redesign update!

We are currently working through the Garage page as part of our redesign efforts.

As you can tell, it's much brighter and livelier than the classic garage you use now. In the future, you may be able to make it look a little more... custom... to your particular style... especially if you are a pro typing ace. But I don't know... who knows? Why are you asking me???

:: Fission looks around suspiciously and starts to sweat ::

Anyways, speaking of style, I've also been updating all the site graphics to be more consistent and higher resolution. That way you can enjoy staring at your new, sparkly NT Gold logo no matter your screen size. I've added the maximum amount of sparkles allowable on the internet.

You parking lot arrangement artists might be getting nervous, worried that the parking lot (and all your cool designs) didn't make it's way over. Fear not! We cloned it and improved it for our new look.

For those of you who have made responsive websites before, you know how challenging it is to get a regular site to work responsively down to mobile screen size. This goes triple for a site as complex as NT! There are many complicated pieces to our pages, especially with our crazy redesign plans. However, your resident mad scientist Fission is committed to getting the site usable on the small screen. Even the garage!

NT Gold members, oh do I have treats in mind for you all in the future. It only begins with the sparkles. No spoilers! Mwahahaha. MWAHAHAHA!

:: Lightning bolt flashes across the sky ::

That's all I can share from my Spooky Book of NT Secrets, but keep your eyeballs peeled for my future NT redesign updates! Fission out!

Happy Halloweeeeeen!