1,000,000,000 Races

If back in September of 2011 when we launched Nitro Type, somebody had told me one day we'd reach 1 billion races and be the world's largest multiplayer educational game, I'd have laughed and gone back to yelling at my computer screen while attempting to support Internet Explorer 6. But here we are!

It's official! You all have raced more than 1,000,000,000 times! To put that into perspective, given the length of your average drag strip, you've achieved the equivalent of racing around the earth's equator over 10,000 times.

Titles For All!

UPDATE! Thank you all for helping us achieve such a crazy goal. The title is now gone for good. Congratulations to those of you who earned it :)

To celebrate this momentous occasion, anyone who logs in any time until next Wednesday will get the title "Three Commas Club". If you're already logged in, log out and back in to get the title. But act quick, Wednesday morning next week and this title is gone!

Back 2 School Has Ended!

Want to talk about something else crazy? Over 1,000,000 unique racers joined our inaugural Back 2 School event! Hopefully we helped make back to school a little more fun for both students and teachers :)

And congratulations to all the seasons winners! The next season starts October 12th and ends November 21st, just in time to relax for Thanksgiving!

Happy Typing!