"RRRRRRRRING!!! This is a special announcement from Principal Wampus.

Do you consider yourself an overachiever? Well I've got a new challenge for ya! From now until October 10th, those of you who manage an astonishing 400 races during the Back 2 School event, will get the unbelievable, overachievable, EXCLUSIVABLE, academic...able... *ahem*, nine-penciled Overachiever! Again, this is only available until October 10th, so make sure you get those races in!

Alrighty, back to your regularly scheduled classes, everyone!"

"Whew. Hey Thwampus, we've got enough of these to go around right? I'd hate if we ran ou... wait, is this mic still on?? Quick! Hit that butto" **BBZZZTT**

Race 400 Races

How to Join!

September 14th - October 10th

  1. Hop on over to the Dealership to get yourself the official B.U.S. event car for $10,000.
  2. Buy the B.U.S. B.U.S.
  3. Race using your new ride to earn fun prizes!

Any Back 2 School event car will work towards the new achievements and you will earn 25% extra cash and XP from every race!

Happy typing!