RRRRRRRRING!!! Back 2 School 2018 is now in session!

Time to grab your keyboards, go to the dealership, and start racing, because the Back 2 School event is now live!

How to Join!

September 14th - October 10th

  1. Hop on over to the Dealership to get yourself the official B.U.S. event car for $10,000.
  2. Buy the B.U.S. B.U.S.
  3. Race using your new ride to earn fun prizes!

Any Back 2 School event car will work towards the new achievements and you will earn 25% extra cash and XP from every race!

Racing into the new school year with style, we have our brand new starter car the big bad B.U.S. now available in the dealership. If you’re old school, you know the drill. If you’re new, read on below to find out how to get in on Back to School 2018. Keep reading to see this year's rewards!

Back 2 School Cars!


"B.U.S. Driver"
"B.U.S. Racer"
"A+ Typist"
"Tilted Typist"
"Honor Roller"
"The Graduate"


Yea, you can earn load$ of it.

But wait, there's more!

The Wampus let me know there just maaaay be a late arrival to class. But he's a strange one, so you never know... He did text me this though:

Happy typing!