Laaaaast week of the summer event!

It’s been sizzling here on the race track with over 4 million races already during Surf N’ Turf 2018.

For those of you who have been with us awhile, you might know that every once in awhile we like to sprinkle in a few hidden achievements here and there.

All it takes is to complete 1,000 Races with a Summer Car to get your hands on the Lucky Number 7, or to use 1,500 Nitros with a summer car to earn yourself the exclusive "I-Scream" title.

So far only 209 racers have scored the Lucky Number 7 and only 328 racers have scooped up the I-Scream title.

With ONE WEEK left in the event you still have a chance to claim them for your own! You also have one week left to qualify for our super-exclusive Golden Breeze car, given only to our Nitro Type gold members. Upgrade now and not only will you get the Golden Breeze, but you’ll also get an instant deposit of millions in cash that you can use to snag the luxurious summer Y.A.C.H.T. before it disappears at the end of this event.

If you’ve not joined yet, it’s not too late to score some sweet summer prizes…

How to Join Surf N' Turf 2018

  1. Slide on over to the Dealership.
  2. Buy the Summer Classic
  3. Race using your new sweet ride to earn some swell prizes!

Any summer event car (past or present) will work towards the new achievements and win you 25% extra cash and XP from every race!