My fellow Nitro Typers, we need your help to bug test some new features. Play and race like normal, but just look for any weird things happening.

First Off: Code Changes

I (Austin / [FTW]TheCorndogger) have been crazy busy working 7 days a week rewriting ALL of the Nitro Type code, simply because you all love it so much. So there is the potential for bugs all over the place. I want you all to use Nitro Type as normal, and let me know any unusual occurrences here in the comments of this blog.

New Feature: Achievements Page

The achievements page has been completely redesigned to make it much easier to see what achievements are available and in progress. What do you think? Is this easier for you? Does it make you want to get all those sweet rewards even more? Is it full of bugs and problems?? Let us know!

New Feature: Sell Your Cars!!!!!

You wanted it, and you got it (or soon you all will). Do you have a Garage full of cars you don't really want to race? Do you have an expensive car you really want to buy, but just don't have enough cash? Sell those old cars! Silly useless things. You will only get 60% of the purchase value, but don't worry, you can always buy them back. And for those achievement cars that you don't really want, those are basically free cash!

New Cars & Achievements!!

In the Dealership you may have noticed some new Trucks that are available at level 17, and some crazy cool flying machines at level 45. Also, there are two new achievement cars. See if you can spot them!

Test Test Test

Ok everyone, let us know what you think. Love, Hate, Indifferent, it's all good.

-Austin / [FTW]TheCorndogger / "The Founder"