Suh-weet! Summer is here! On top of swimsuits, slushies, and sunburns you now also have the chance to join our swell Surf N' Turf summer event and score some slick summer cars.

For those of you who are joining for your first NT summer event, get ready for some real awesomeness. We’ve got NINE limited-time only summer cars that you will be able to earn or buy. Plus there’s a whole stack of summer-only achievements and titles as well!

So grab the Summer Classic and get yourself out on our summer themed track and race to some breezy tunes.

How to Join Surf N' Turf 2018

  1. Slide on over to the Dealership
  2. .
  3. Buy the Summer Classic
  4. Race using your new sweet ride to earn some swell prizes!

Any summer event car (past or present) will work towards the new achievements and win you 25% extra cash and XP from every race!

Like I said, there are nine summer event cars up for grabs. Here’s what you can start earning now—

Easy Breezy - Complete 200 Races with a Summer Car

Easy Breezy

Matchbox - Race 50 Times in a Session with a Summer Car


‘41 Woodie Deluxx - Race 350 Times in a Session with a Summer Car

Woodie Deluxx

HoverJet 5000 Mk. 3 - Use 400 Nitros with a Summer Car

HoverJet 5000 Mk. 3

Six Four - Use 1,000 Nitros with a Summer Car

Six Four