Our team has been crazy busy these days as we’re launching a brand new version of both Typing.com and EduTyping in the coming weeks!

We’re really excited about some cool new features, including the ability to choose your own avatar and watch it level up as you type.

There’ll even be some Nitro Type-style achievements to make things even more fun!

On the Nitro Type front, we’re also releasing a brand new car… TODAY.

Check out the elegant Ponce de Leon, named after the Spanish conquistador that founded the first European settlement here in Puerto Rico where Corndog and myself live!

Ponce de Leon

This is an achievement car, that is earned when you complete 100 races in a session. Check it out on the Achievements page under "Endurance Racing".

For those of you who have already unlocked this achievement, you’ll find your new Ponce de Leon car already sitting in your garage. Nice.