Each month we'll be featuring one of our top 10 teams from the previous season on Nitro Type. To start us off, we've selected Team [RCWS], which is currently #4 in the current season.

Here's a quick interview of Team [RCWS] Captain starboystellan

What got you started with Nitro Type?

My brother was doing it three months ago and I thought it looked fun.

What does Nitro Type mean to you?

Nitro Type is a big deal to me, and I love hanging out and racing with friends and random folks.

What's your favorite word?


What inspired you to create [RCWS]?

I created @RCWS because I had saved up enough cash in season 11 and I wanted to try making a team for myself.

What is the most difficult part of managing a team?

The most difficult part is keeping people excited about the team.

What's the #1 piece of advice you would give other captains who want to get their teams into the top 10?

I would say that in order to get your team in the top ten you just have to be very active and enthusiastic yourself. As captain, you are kind of a model for your members, and if you are inactive they will likely be too.

If you could improve 1 thing about NT, what would it be?

I would improve the friend races so that they are more fair when you are racing slower people. I would also add more achievements.

If so, how has NT played into your education? What have you learned?

I suppose that I've mostly just gotten faster at typing. I do a lot of typing so it is useful to be able to type fast.

Any words for your team?

Amazing job, guys. You have been great to work with and I am looking forwards to next season! I wanted to say nice job especially to @[RCWS]Skittles|| for being the only team member with more team races than myself!

Any words for the NT community?

This is a great community, and I look forwards to meeting more of you in the future! Congrats to @SSH for getting first in Season 12.