Nitro Type race cars are no longer limited to the digital world, as we have our very first Nitro Type sponsored car racing for the PAC Performance team in Australia.

Check out my post from last week to see the car in action!

Now, to celebrate a real-life racing victory with the PAC Performance team, we’re launching a mini mini PAC event to bring this very same car to the Nitro Type track.

Introducing, the Rocky Roo, which can go up to speeds of 223 MPH in real life. See if you can top that in your WPM!

Rocky Roo

Starting May 4th

  1. Go to the Dealership
  2. Buy the Rocky Roo
  3. Race using your new car to earn cash and titles

Each race with the Rocky Roo will earn you 25% more cash! And also set you up to earn special limited-time only achievements.

Complete 30 races in a session to earn $250,000.

Complete 60 races in a session and gain yourself the exclusive title of “PAC Rat”.

Rack that cash up and spend those Nitros, because there's more to come...

May the fourth be with you!