Happy Friday everyone!

I’ve gotta admit. We had so much fun with the last Spring Fever event, that we didn’t want to stop!

I can’t tell you the details just yet… but what I can tell you is that we’ve got another brand new, never-done-before event coming up sometime soon.

So keep your eyes peeled for news on that!

New Ways to Win NTC!

In the meantime, we’ve decided to bring a little fun to our social media pages.

Starting next week, we’re launching some major new prizes and giveaways across our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram account that you’ll definitely want to check out.

First off, we’ll be introducing Trivia Tuesdays every week on our Nitro Type Instagram account. It’ll be a live story, so be sure to check it out on the day!

We’re giving away $500,000 NTC to the first 5 to correctly answer our question of the week.

As more people join each week, we'll raise the stakes!

There’ll be a lot more cool things happening, so in order to get in on the action follow us today!

Leaderboard Shoutout

Since we announced that iloveshoes2 reached 200K races last week and being the first to earn the new achievement car, we've already seen an upset on the leaderboards!

Player -WildFl♡wer- has really hustled this past week, and now tops the ranks for the highest number of races!

@Remember to keep things positive and no asking for money!