Each month we'll be featuring one of our top teams on Nitro Type. To start us off, we've selected Team [TECT], which just placed #6 in the last season.

Here's a quick interview of Team [TECT] Captain Tesla233

What got you started with Nitro Type?

I was in a typing class at middle school! I restarted when I was looking for a new game to play, because I enjoy completing different games.

What does Nitro Type mean to you?

Nitro Type has ultimately become one of the biggest parts of my life! I love the community and the competition!

What's your favorite word?


What inspired you to create [TECT]?

My Sister, rainbowspryo7, along with my desire to do so after seeing captains like volatile!

What is the most difficult part of managing a team?

The most difficult part was keeping up with all the different racers and any drama that was going on and making sure it didn't get out of hand. Also managing inactive racers and creating challenges to get people to race! It can cause some stress

What's the #1 piece of advice you would give other captains who want to get their teams into the top 10?

When you create a team, make sure to welcome the racers first to give them a chance to warm up to the team and don't just start demanding races right away but give them a day or two.

If you could improve 1 thing about NT, what would it be?

I would work on implementing some promised features such as skins and car prizes for the season leaderboards

If so, how has NT played into your education? What have you learned?

I type essays and articles faster than anyone else in my class!

Any words for your team?

Thanks for putting faith in me when I created the team! My motivation was restored by this featuring!

Any words for the NT community?

Leading a team might not be for everyone, it is important to know where your strengths and weaknesses are so you know where you fit best in!