Spring Fever 2018 Has Come to an End!

It’s been an egg-xhilarating two weeks for us with the launch of our VERY FIRST Spring Fever Event.

A huge high-five to the 623,206 of you who got the Teggsla and joined us in this mini-event and were able to score extra cash and achievements.

Of the lot, only 1,067 managed to snag our top-of-the-line Egg Hauler. Even more exclusive, only 574 racers managed to dig up our hidden Eggsecutive achievement.

So, what do you guys think? Should we do this again next year? Can you handle more of this scrambled madness?

End of Season 11

Coincidentally, Season 11 also came to an end yesterday. And it turned out to be our most competitive season yet, with more races racked up per week than any before.

Did you know that If you’d made a full team at the start of the season and each member raced at least 15 times every day, you would be in the top 10!!

Our community manager Aaron has pointed out before that joining or starting a team is a great way to earn DOUBLE the cash each season.

And you can see that it doesn’t actually take that much to get yourself in the top 10 teams and score $500,000+ extra cash per member.