Hello Nitro Typers! Today, I would like to open a discussion regarding all the various rewards you are able to achieve while competing against your fellow typists (and bots).

Basically, I'd like to know what you think about these. Which ones are done in a satisfying way that keeps things interesting and fun? Which one's do you think need to be changed, and in what way?


You earn money by completing races and achievements. Money can buy you cars and nitros. In a future update you will also be able to paint your cars, purchase custom sounds, and cool custom racing animations. So, how is the money reward? Too much, too little, just right?

Experience & Levels

Experience levels you up, and levels unlock cars (and in the future, other things). How does the leveling feel? Does it progress nicely? Is it too easy? Too difficult?


Leveling and Achievements unlock cars. Is it fun going for the different cars? Frustrating? Keep in mind, we will be adding the ability to sell your cars very soon! That means more money for those cars you don't want.


We have a whole lot of achievements. They earn you money, cars, and titles. Does it feel like you get too many achievements? Too few? When you start the game, is it a bombardment of achievements, then you don't get enough? How's the distribution? How are the rewards?

Achievement Points

Along with rewards, achievements get you achievement points, which in turn can unlock other even more difficult achievements. What's your thoughts on this?


Achievements can give you titles like "I Hate Words" and "Nitro Type Master". Do you guys like these? Do you like to show off your best titles?


Using a nitro allows you to skip a word, and using them strategically can win you races. Do you guys like Nitros? Do they annoy you? You win 2 for first place, and 1 for second place. Do you like this reward system?

Anything Else?

Let us Nitro Type Admins know in the comments! We love hearing from our loyal Nitro Typers.

-Austin ([FTW]TheCorndogger)