Wow guys. You did it. You’ve blown 2016’s Xmaxx event straight out of the water!

We thought last year’s event was big, with an impressive 26 million races… but this year you guys shocked us by racking up an astounding 41 MILLION races.

So here’s a big thanks to the 1,497,892 players that participated to help make this the sweetest event we’ve ever had.

Don’t worry, we’re not going to just sit back and relax now that the event is done. Actually, we’re just getting started!

You ready for 2018?

We’ve got a LOT of exciting things in store for 2018. From some major changes to achievements to a whole BRAND NEW race track. So be sure to stick around to see them!

First up, don’t miss the start of Season 10 which begins one week from today and takes us through to Valentines Day.

Race from the start to get your name up on the leaderboards for the Season. This is your chance to zoom past old-timers and earn major cash prizes and special titles.

Click here to see what’s at stake in the upcoming Season!