In advent calendars, the best treat is always saved for last…

And that is definitely the case here, as we bring you our last new car of the Xmaxx 2017 holiday event… drumroll please… The Dark Chocolate Knight.

This decadent drag racer is truly the top of the line in the dealership, which is why you can only get your hands on it for a steep $15,000,000.

How to get The Dark Chocolate Knight

I hope you’ve been stashing up your bonus cash from this holiday event to buy it! If so, simply head on over to the dealership to get your hands on one.

If not, you can always upgrade to NT Gold to get an instant deposit of millions in cash. Or maybe put it on your list for Santa!

As a reminder, gold members automatically receive our two limited-edition gold cars during this holiday season. The Gilded Train and the Golden Gift.

Otherwise, you have 15 days left to participate in our Xmaxx holiday event to take advantage of our special event achievements and 50% bonus cash and XP for each race you enter with a holiday event car.

Act quickly, because once the clock strikes midnight on January 1st, all of these special cars will vanish!